What I learned from Dr. John Heiss

In a word…. SCIENCE!

For those of you who do not know Dr. John Heiss, he is a young yet very smart scientist who designed the 24 line for Herbalife nutrition company. 24 is known as Nutrition for the 24 Hour Athlete. In other words, this is a product line to supplement your diet whether you are a 30 minute per day power-walker or an elite triathlete. I heard him speak back in July and was nothing short of amazed at his brain. The science behind the development of a nutrition line is nothing short of complex. And I will not even attempt to regurgitate the info to you, because I’ll screw it up!

What I will do is give you a couple of my ah-ha moments I took away from this event:

1) You don’t always get what you pay for. There are many name brands out there with high prices that have inconsistencies in ingredients, as well as issues with testing.

2) No two products are alike. Make sure to read labels, observe serving sizes, and nutritional content to ensure you are comparing apples to apples!

3) Eat for your exercise type. Make sure to fuel before, during, and after your workout for optimum results!

To learn more about the SCIENCE behind the Herbalife 24 product line CLICK HERE.

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  1. ah-ha moments are great! Thanks

  2. Very well put together article. Dr. John Heiss chooses his words wisely as would any professional deserving of his accomplishments

  3. It’s true that no 2 products are alike. One of the things I always worry about is the validity of the ingredients displayed and whether that truly tells the whole story.

  4. great tips for weight loss and getting toned up ! Before, during, and after !! I will remember these !

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