Do you workout when you travel on vacation?

This post was inspired by my recent honeymoon, and my over-achiever new husband, Rich. We traveled to the Florida Keys, hitting Key Largo for a night and then 2 nights in Key West.

The first day we checked into the Hilton, who of coarse had a gym. The first thing Rich wanted to do was workout! Ok, I obliged, since we had been in the car 6 hours. This would be a good opportunity to loosen up a bit. 45 minutes later we had finished some light circuit training with weights and went right to the tiki bar this is where i thought to myself, Why bother? Do the calories cancel each other out? Does the workout spike the metabolism enough to counteract the “downer/relaxed” effect induced by alcohol?

Uncertain of the benefit, we hit the gym the next morning before our checkout, and hit the road to Key West. I knew we were staying at a BnB so no plans for a gym, but walking was the main event for the day, in between cocktails of coarse. I couldn’t help by notice Rich looking on every corner for a fitness center in hopes to get in a workout. Now while I definitely appreciate his dedication, and I certainly do not complain about his six pack, I don’t get nearly as excited about a action workout as I used to. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s because we have a toddler, and she zaps the energy out of me, but when I am on vacation I just want to relax! I love the sight seeing and the walking. But I don’t love the hunting for gyms to lift wights. That being said, did I feel better after my vacation workouts? Absolutely! But, I thought about reading poolside most of the time!

What are your thoughts? Do you workout on vacation? Or do you relax and take it easy?

2 Responses to Do you workout when you travel on vacation?

  1. Kelly Wade says:

    Hey Holly, just came to your blog from the Tampa Bay Bloggers Facebook group. Looks like you’re doing well on your health journey, but I’m more like you than your husband. Because I work so hard and am so busy during my regular schedule, I’d much rather relax on vacation. If I do find some time where there’s nothing to do or other people I’m with are deciding to exercise I’ll join, but margaritas and a magazine by the pool are on my mind more.

  2. holly123 says:

    Can’t wait to meet you at some point Kelly! It sounds like we have a lot in common! :-)

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